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What is time-shifting?
One of the top benefits of satellite TV, time-shifting offers the convenience of watching the same show at different times of the day. Since Shaw Direct broadcasts networks from time zones across Canada, programs may start at up to six different times every day. This means you can watch a show at 10pm in Montreal that is scheduled at 7pm on a Vancouver station.

What is the monthly cost?
The monthly cost depends on the programming package you choose. Our most popular package is Digital Favourites with over 200 channels and lots of HD, including English Essentials and a selection of our customers' favourite specialty channels. You can also customize your programming with our specialty bundles, HD packages and à la carte channel options. The programming options are as unique as you are.

What is HD?
HD stands for High-Definition and is fast becoming the preferred format for all TVs and TV programs. HD takes your TV picture to the next level with quality up to six-times clearer and sharper than Standard-Definition.

Your TV picture is made up of thousands and thousands of tiny little dots called pixels. With High-Definition, there are more dots per inch (DPI) than with Standard-Definition. High-Definition has up to 1920x1080 pixels compared to Standard-Definition at 720x480 pixels.

HD is also shot in widescreen format. You may see the numbers 16:9 when referencing HDTV; this is the aspect ratio or the width-to-height ratio. The aspect ratio for Standard-Definition is typically only 4:3. Since most movies are actually shot in widescreen format, there's no need to crop any of the picture to fit the screen, plus, ask any sports fan and they can now see more of the play all at once - it just looks better!

HD is digital. That means purer colours, greater clarity and better sound. In order to truly experience HD, you'll need an HD receiver to go with your HDTV. All of our new receivers are HD, 3D, MPEG-4 and 1080p compatible so you can enjoy exceptional entertainment in stunning detail.

Do you have sports programming?
Absolutely! Watch every goal on over 100 sports channels including TSN, TSN2, Sportsnet 360, Sportsnet, SPEED, Golf Channel and many more. Plus, with over 40 sports channels in crystal-clear HD, you'll feel like you're cheering from the sidelines!

Select channels are included in every programming package, plus get even more with one of our great bundles: Sports and More Sports. We also carry a wide selection of premium sports packages including NHL® Centre Ice™, Leafs TV, NFL Sunday Ticket™, NFL RedZone, NBA League Pass and Sportsnet World.

Do you have movies?
Enjoy over 2,000 movies every month with our movies packages. Subscribe to Super Écran, Super Channel, Movies West or Movies East (depending on where you live in Canada).

Super Channel includes six premium channels with two in stunning HD. With Movies West, you get three Movie Central channels and HBO Canada, plus you get Movie Central HD and HBO Canada HD free with your subscription! Movies East includes The Movie Network, HBO Canada, MExcess, MFun, and Mfest, plus you get The Movie Network HD and HBO Canada HD free with your subscription! As an added bonus, all of our movies packages also include four US Superstations (KTLA, WGN, PIX11 and MY38), Action and AMC.

Let's not forget our Pay Per View/VOD movies. It's like having a video store right in your living room. There's a great selection of new releases every month.

What is Pay Per View PPV?
With Pay Per View or PPV for short, you can order a variety of movies and live events in the comfort of your own home - no need to go to the video store.

You can order PPV three different ways:
  • Sign up for Instant Pay Per View by connecting your receiver to a phone line and call 1-888-554-7827 to benefit from having no ordering fees with the convenience of ordering right from your remote control. Feature NOT available on the DSR600 receiver as it does not have a phone jack.
  • Call 1-866-782-7778 and use the automated instructions to order ($3 ordering fee applies).
  • Call 1-866-782-7778 and talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives ($3 ordering fee applies).

  • Do you have music stations?
    Yes. Experience a vast musical universe at your fingertips with Galaxie. With everything from classical to rock and country to pop, Galaxie has got it all. Select one of the commercial-free music stations on your TV or listen online with the Galaxie Online Music Player! Plus we have radio stations from across Canada (including talk radio) so you can catch up on what's hot or newsworthy from across the country.

    We haven't forgotten those music video fans. AUX, MuchMusic, MuchMore, MTV and CMT will surely fill that video void.

    Do you have children's programming?
    Yes. If you have little ones, you'll love our selection of fun and educational programming. Family-friendly channels are included in every programming package, plus get even more with our Fun Stuff bundle, including Treehouse TV, YTV, Nickelodeon, Game Show Network, Family Channel plus The Comedy Network and Turner Classic Movies.

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