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How long do I have to wait before I get my dish installed?
If you purchase your system from us, you can start enjoying Shaw Direct within three to 10 days. However, installation times may vary depending on recent weather conditions as we generally unable to install systems when it rains due to safety reasons.

Do I have to be home when the installer comes?
Yes, an authorized person over the age of 18 needs to be present to authorize on any work that needs to be done.

Can I book a specific time for my installation appointment? Are evening appointments available?
We understand that many of our customers are not available during the week due to work related reasons so for your convenience, Dr. Sat offers evening and weekend appointments. All appointments are booked from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m and an estimated installation window will be provided within this timeframe.

Exact appointment times are not available due to a higher than anticipated time required to complete the previous installation and increased travel time due to inclement traffic conditions. However, we will make every effort to keep you updated by calling you if the installer is behind schedule.

Is installation included in the price?
Professional basic installation is included in the price, which includes the following:
  • Dish mount installed to the residential structure
  • Dish alignment to receive maximum signal from all Shaw Direct satellites
  • Placement and connection of up to three satellite receivers to customer televisions. Please note that each satellite receiver must be connected to its own fully functional television in order to be activated.

    RG6 coax Cable run (up to 150 ft per line) from dish for up to three receivers installed, this includes all necessary connecting materials such as:
  • Connectors
  • Wall plates
  • Ground block(s) and ground wire
  • Sealing of all entry holes
  • Testing of full functionality of system/signal
  • Activation of receiver(s) installed
  • Customer orientation on new receiver/system

    Additional charges that can apply to a customer include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Excessive cable runs beyond 150 ft per line (for installation of up to two receivers with current new customer offer only)
  • Requests for fishing cable through interior walls
  • Home theatre connections
  • Additional mileage charges may apply for locations over 50 km from Oakville.
  • Non-standard mounts (i.e., non-penetrating roof mounts posts, tripods, 24" stand off brackets, multi-switches and associated securing equipment such as protective foam, cinder blocks.).
  • Ladder rentals (applies to 40 foot+ ladders) You should discuss any questions you have with your installer to clarify details before the installation begins.

  • Will the installer hook-up my home theatre system?
    Our installers will only install Shaw Direct equipment. There are a lot of customers, just like you, who made the smart choice to sign up with Shaw Direct. By installing only Shaw Direct equipment, we can get more people hooked up every single day.

    Can anyone get satellite TV?
    Almost anyone can get satellite TV. You'll need a clear line-of-sight (where the Shaw Direct dish from your house is aimed at the satellite in space). If you live in a high-rise with other buildings in your way, it's sometimes difficult to get that clear line-of-sight. You may determine yourself if you meet this requirement by using our dish pointer tool to verify line of sight for the 107.3W Anik F1R and 111.1W Anik F2 satellites

    If you live in a condo or apartment building, you'll need to check the building regulations or by-laws to see if they allow satellite dishes on your balcony. Otherwise, it's a perfect alternative for those who live in rural areas where cable isn't an option. Why not get it installed at the cottage? Or get Shaw Direct for your RV? You can "rough it" with all the comforts of home.

    Do I need to plug in the phone line?
    A phone line is a must if you would like in order to save on Pay Per View ordering fees with Instant Pay Per View and take advantage of the caller ID features of your receiver. If you subscribe to Caller ID services in your home, your Advanced HDPVR, Advanced HD Receiver, sHDPVR 530, HDDSR 505 and DSR 319 can display the caller ID information directly on your TV screen, as well as keep a detailed history of your last 20 calls. To view a log of these calls simply press Options, and choose 8 – Caller ID.

    In the future we will be utilizing the phone line to enable Interactive features on your Shaw Direct receiver including local weather, games and more. Be sure to leave a phone line connected to your receiver to take advantage of these future features.

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